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It has been a couple of weeks since I posted on this blog, and I am so angry with myself! Anyway, I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and end to the year! I wish you guys all the best in 2016, can't believe a new year has already begun!

Thank you so much for supporting Tyra's Bookshelf in 2015! Looking forward to the new year!

So! Here is the very first blog post for 2016! A review of the book Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle!

Since this book was on my Christmas Wish List, I luckily found it underneath my tree in the morning on the 25th of December. Excitedly, I ran up to my room, mumbling "thank you, thank you, thank you" while doing so, and did not come out until I had read it from start-to-finish.

I've already posted the blurb of this novel in my previous blog post, but here are a couple of links that have more information about the book!


'Let It Snow' is written by three of the most popular Young Adult authors - Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle! So, obviously, I had very high hopes, and wasn't (necessarily) disappointed.

The novel is split into three different love stories taking place during Christmas-time, with characters that somehow connect in a really awesome way. 

It's like Love Actually in written form.

Since each author wrote their own part of the novel, the stories have their own individual flair and voice.

Maureen Johnson's story, called The Jubilee Express, was pure Christmas fluff - incredibly giggly and cheery! Jubilee was such a cute character, although a little crazy at times, but for me, Stuart was the stand-out. Is it possible to have a massive crush on a fictional character? Because, that has happened to me. I think I'm in love with Stuart. He's awkwardly sweet, humorous and sunshine-personified, AND THE ENDING - oh my gosh, that made me melt into a pool of feels.The way that Maureen Johnson creates a love story, as well as an interesting storyline revolving around a broken-down train and a Christmas Village display, is done so well! This was definitely my favourite part of the novel.
John Green's, A Cheertastic Christmas, had such an interesting storyline - much like all of Green's books. However, after a while, the whole 'race to see the cheerleaders' got a little tiresome. Plus, I just feel that the love part of the story was so rushed - one minute they're friends, next minute he suddenly likes her...BAM they're together, the end. However, the characters and their somewhat idiotic actions kept me interested. John Green is one of my favourite authors, so I enjoyed his portion of Let It Snow, but honestly, I feel as if it wasn't his best writing. Still, I was very engrossed.

The last part of the book, The Patron Saint Of Pigs, written by Lauren Myracle, was, honestly, a let down. The main character was so unbelievably whiny and self-absorbed, and it was driving me insane. Okay, I completely understand that Myracle did that on purpose, but I love female characters that are either strong and determined, or quirky and witty like the other two main girl characters in the rest of the book. But, Addie, the main character,  was just really annoying. The fact that she was complaining about her ex-boyfriend not calling her when she cheated on him, frustrated me to no end. This entire part of the story had barely anything to do with pigs, and more to do with how she was an egoistic brat and everyone was calling her out on it - but then suddenly has this transformation, that was only explained in about two lines, and wasn't all that amazing. Lauren Myracle also tied all three stories together, bringing the characters together at the same time. This got me excited, because I loved the people from the other two stories, however, they weren't the same. Any form of wit and personality that the other two authors created, was destroyed. I sound really harsh, but after reading two sensational stories written so expertly, I feel as if The Patron Saint Of Pigs fell short.

Rating: 3.5/5

Now it is your turn! Have you read Let It Snow?
What did you think of it? Or, would you like to read it?
Let me know what you think!

xx Tyra

all photos (except book cover) - taken from tumblr
photo of book cover - taken from goodreads

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