A Playlist Perfect For A Horror Novel


Usually, there would be a post in between each of these, but I have had no time to post!!

BUT NO WORRIES, It's the first day of the week, which means here on Tyra's Bookshelf, it is...

Music Monday!
For those who don't know Music Monday is a segment on my blog where I post a playlist I've created, according to a certain theme revolved around reading. Today's theme is...

A Horror Playlist
Since it is October, which means Halloween is soon, I'm creating a playlist filled with spooky songs that you can listen to when you're reading a scary story, or reminiscing about that horror novel you read, or maybe just to get you into the Halloween groove!

✒︎Monster Mash // Bobby "Boris" Pickett
✒︎This Is Halloween (Piano Version) // The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
✒︎Ghost Children // Bruno Coulais
✒︎Night Time, My Time // Sky Ferreira
✒︎Mad Hatter // Melanie Martinez
✒︎Hush And Rest // Creepy Lullaby (Youtube)
✒︎Slendy's Lullaby // Youtube User: maurou
✒︎Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) // The Living Tombstone 

Make sure to follow my 8tracks profile, because I'm legitimately making the playlists, so give it a listen if you would like!

Username: tyrasbookshelf

This has been another Music Monday, till next week!

-Tyra xx


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