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Good afternoon everyone!

Gosh, there has been this HUGE gap in between posts, which is unbelievably annoying for you guys, and for me - I feel like I've let you guys down! 

Keeping the balance between school work and blogging is hard, especially because the workload increases as the year goes on! But, what I'm going to start really planning out my time after school and on weekends extremely carefully, so I can blog regularly, and keep on top of all my school work!

Today has been incredibly stressful because I've been trying to finish some last minute homework - but I'm taking a break in order to scribe a wonderful post for you all!

Anyway, this blog post is all about:

Judging A Book By Its Cover!
I've picked nine different books and will be reviewing their covers - more specifically the movie tie-in covers, because they are the ones that can either ruin a books image, or create a MUCH better perception of a book!

First off:

1. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I love this series so very very much, and have been planning on reviewing this for a long time - so the cover of the book is important to me. The cover of the book is something people immediately are attracted to - and for me, it can be the thing that makes me buy a book, or makes me steer clear.

Honestly, I kind of like it. It does highlight the power the lightning bolt holds, as well as the strength Percy has in being able to control the water around him. However, it doesn't really seem like Percy is the central focus point...and I feel like by not showing his face, it destroys his image as the protagonist, and you don't immediately see his personality through his face...because they aren't showing it.

I believe they should've used this as the main movie tie-in book cover, because it highlights his role as the main character, his strength and power by having waster surround him...and really, LOGAN LERMAN IS A CUTIE PIE!!! Who wouldn't buy a book with his face on it????

2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
This cover I ADORE!! Its actually one of the only movie tie-in covers that really sticks to the theme and feeling of the book - as well as creating a new excitement and anticipation to read the book / watch the movie!!!

The red fire, shows strength, anger and aggression (because of the revolt), and obviously, the mockingjay pin is an important symbol, representing rebellion and the Girl on Fire.

3. Divergent by Suzanne Collins

Ew ew ew ew ew. Just ew.
Honestly this is the WORST book cover I'm reviewing today!!!!!

Tris is the protagonist, and she is strong, brave, and powerful. However, through the use of shadowing, I feel like she has been conveyed as weak, since we can barely see her face...also, there has been a focus on her tattoos. Not sure if this was trying to symbolise her family values...or to say she was in dauntless...but all I know is I don't like this at all.
I guess the darkness makes it intriguing...but I can only really describe this book cover in one word: YUK!!!!

4. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore 

Not sure if it's because I think Alex Pettyfer is totally cute, but I am in LOOOOOVE with this cover!
Look how awesome he looks!

I love the font of the title and how the simple words 'Three Are Dead' are used in such a powerful way!

The colours are so captivating, and having him in the centre like that really attracts me to the book!

Definitely a fantastic cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

 These front covers are so divine. Especially in the second one, Liesel looks so haunted, and it sends shivers up my spine. Liesel looks magnificent, and I love the burning books featured in both copies is so great, since it is such an important part of the storyline.


So that's seriously all I have time for, because I'm so very very tired.

What's your favourite movie tie-in book cover? It doesn't have to be out of these books...is there another cover you like?

-Tyra xxxx

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  1. I loved this post! I'm so guilty of judging books by their covers haha!

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