Rediscovering My Collection Of Books


Today has been hectic. My family and I endeavoured to unpack over 10 boxes of books that have been sitting in the garage gathering dust (we have been putting it off for ages).

My dad, mum and I are CRAZY about reading, my brother not so much, and my father and I have a bit of a problem; we struggle to give away books (we just can't let them go!).

As much as I love donating books to places like the Salvation Army, so that other people can enjoy them, but my heart aches for lost books. Honestly it is like losing a family member!

We bought a couple bookcases last night from IKEA (mine is black), which meant it was the perfect reason to unpack all the books we haven't looked at in AGES.

This is some of the final result:

We still have a lot more books - I just couldn't fit them in the picture!

Trying to fit at least some of these onto my bookshelf made me rediscover some of my all-time faves, books I can barely remember reading and some novels I've honestly never even seen before!

My blog - TyrasBookshelf - finally actually has a bookshelf on it!

So, I'm going to be revisiting and discovering books I have sitting in my very own home!

Some of the books that will be reviewed soon are:

  • Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody (was meant to read ages ago)
  • The Power Of One by Bryce Courtenay (read the young adult version)
  • Halo, Hades and Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto (already read)
  • And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (haven't read yet)
  • Gandhi: A Memoir by William L. Shirer (haven't read, but need to!)
  • To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite (seen the movie, but not the book)
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X (haven't read!)
Obviously all these books aren't going to be reviewed tomorrow, because I need to read them, but this is just a list of some of the cool books I'm going to be sharing with you.

Now it is your turn! Leave in the comments below: have you rediscovered any books, that you can't remember even owning? What are they? 

Thanks for reading guys! I love you all!

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