Get Out Your Wallet: Must-Haves For Any Bookworm


Hey Guys!
Today, I've decided to do something that may not work and be very appealing, but I do hope you appreciate this. See, I LOVE buying items that have got something to do with reading, even if they aren't actually books. So, using a website that I am obsessed with (Polyvore), I researched some fantastic things that show an appreciation and love for reading!

Sooo...get out your wallet, because here are some buys for any bookworm!

Radius Design Booksbaum I Shelf
$240 AUD - Note: Pricey, I know, but worth it?
Modern and fun, this Booksbaum I Shelf is perfect for someone wanting to show off their love for books!
Recycled Record Book Ends
$55.20 AUD -
If the price scares you, don't let it...because this is totally worth it! Not only does it keep your books together neatly, but these bookends also show everyone how funky you are! (Retro = Cool). I would definitely buy these!
Grey Metal Bookend
$48 AUD -
If you are looking for bookends with a bit more of a modernistic feel, then these are a MUST! The grey metal against brighter books is a really nice touch too.
Kate Spade New York 2014-15 Medium Agenda
$34 AUD -
This has been selling like crazy, so check it out, before it is too late! (Who can say no to Kate?)

A5 Essential Notebook 3pk - FOLLOW YOUR PATH
$12.95 AUD -
How cute are these ESSENTIAL notebooks. Definitely on my Christmas list!

Kate Spade Like A Book Pencil Pouch
$34 AUD -
Speaking of Christmas, Santa...can you get me this? Note: I've had difficulty entering the Kate Spade website, so I'm not sure whether this is still being sold :(
Vintage Inspired Just My Typewriter Notecard Set
$14.99 AUD -
Not exactly book inspired, but this is very different, and would make good decorations for your room!
Dandy Fox Wall Art Painting
$25.88 AUD - doesn't have a lot to do with reading...but hey, its printed on the pages of a book, and it reminds me of the Fantastic Mr. Fox...isn't that enough? 
Array Yellow CB2 Bookcase
$287.10 AUD -
A little too expensive in my opinion, but the minimalistic vibe it's exuding makes me imagine it in a cute New York apartment.
Neon Notebook Set by Kate Spade New York
$6.48 AUD -
Kate Spade, oh Kate never fail to make me happy! I am IN LOVE with this notebook set!
'Whatever You Are, Be a Good One' Book
$14.95 AUD -
A book filled with inspiration and affirmations, every household NEEDS to own one of these books (which means I need to find $15 to pay for it)
Kate Spade Like A Book Insulated Tumbler
$20 AUD -
Perfect for any iced beverage, this library inspired tumbler is a must for any bookworm.
E. Lawrence Boutique Signs Hand-Bound Decorative Books
$275 AUD -
If you want to indulge in something a little fancy, then these hand-bound books are for you!
Note: A little pricey I know, but it is selling quickly, so it seems to be a must-have!
Kate Spade Like a Book Thermal Mug
$18 AUD -
Just like the insulated tumbler, this thermal mug from the same collection is something I fell in love with from the moment I laid eyes on it...have you fallen in love with it yet?
Harper's Bazaar Magazine Cover. Audrey Hepburn. Fashion Illustration...
$18 AUD -
This beautiful illustration of Audrey Hepburn on the cover of Harper's Bazaar is something every bookworm/magazine reader/fashionista/Audrey fan should have hanging on their wall! (Next to Dandy Fox maybe?)
Alexa Chung's, 'It'
$30 AUD -
Alexa's book has been on my Christmas and birthday list for what feels like ages, so you better get your hands on it - because it seems like it is a delightful read!

So, what do you guys think of these awesome items? Ready to get out your wallets?
If not, don't worry, I feel like I will be doing some more of these posts!

Now, it is your turn!
Do you have any cool book buys you want to share?
Tell me what you thought of this post! Did you enjoy it? Or...should I give up blogging all together!
Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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  1. Great post, but because I am not currently working I would literally have to wait an agggeee to get any of these... :(



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