The Reasons Why Reading Could Save Your Life


Okay, so obviously you're on my blog because you like books.

Well, I hope so anyway.

But, for people that accidentally came across my blog, who don't really like reading, or for anyone who has ever read a book, I am going to tell you all about the benefits of reading.

I want to speak of how reading has shaped my life. If you have seen my post about a children's book that makes who I am today, you will know that books can equip you with the principles, knowledge and values that make up you. Humans are greatly affected by their environment, so if they are immersed in a particular genre, or author, or specific book, they are more likely to extract the lessons they may have learnt from what they have read...and use it in everyday situations.

This is why I want to make it my job to inspire people, particularly teenagers like myself, to read often. In my opinion, there is nothing better than sitting in bed and reading on a cold winter's day. Or lying curled up on the couch as you devour a book. For me, that peaceful silence when you are fully engrossed in the world is one of the most serene things I will ever experience.

I know that reading may seem like an isolating task, that is boring and tiresome, but believe me, it is possible to be a bookworm AND be a social butterfly. Bookworms get a bad reputation for being quiet, antisocial people, but really that is hardly the case. That stereotype, should not be the reason why teens refrain from reading.

Here's Why Reading Could Save Your Life

  • Reduces Stress
No matter what happens during the day, losing yourself in a well-written story or article can be enough to help distract you and let the tension release as you unwind

  • Stimulates Your Mind
Your brain requires exercise in order to remain healthy, and reading everyday can help you stay mentally active. Mental stimulation (like reading) can actually slow the progress of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.
  • Improved Memory
Continuing on from the point above, strengthening your memory (a form of stimulation) can be done by reading. When reading a book, you must remember the characters and their ambitions, relationships and history, the settings, the major plot and all the sub-plots being woven into the book. This can be a lot to remember, so your brain is being trained to remember these things easily, as well as having the ability to recall the information

  • Helps You Sleep
Playing on your phone before you go to bed is one of the worst ways to finish your day. However, reading can be a fantastic de-stress routine that can actually improve your sleeping patterns. Distracting yourself is a good way to sink deeper into your bed - making it easier to fall asleep.

  • Can Ease Depression
This is mainly geared towards reading self-help/motivational books but  a study published earlier this year in the journal PLOS ONE showed that reading self-help books (which is called 'bibliotherapy'), combined with  sessions on how to use the books, was linked with lower levels of depression after a year, compared to patients who received the 'normal' treatments.

These are only 5 (I didn't want to ramble) of the many reasons why reading is so good for you...but isn't this enough to persuade you to go out and get a book to read?
To find out more see here, here and here.

Leave in the comments below your thoughts on these benefits, reading or anything else in general! I appreciate all the comments and views I receive!!

I hope you enjoyed this (rather long) post!
Tyra xx

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