Hot Dudes Reading (Yum) And A Worthy Cause You Must Check Out


Alright guys, let us face the facts (and better write this one down)...

Boys Look Hotter When They're Reading!

Okay maybe that is a sour generalisation, but come on:

Who would choose this Chris Evans:

Over this Chris Evans:

Okaaaaay, so maybe that isn't the best example - considering most of us would take either Chris Evans any day (who doesn't love good ol'Captain America?), but it works for most guys ---- to me, they simply look a lot more desirable while reading a book.

I must not be the only one who thinks this, as their is a newly established Instagram account that is setting 428,000 hearts aflutter.

The account's name @HotDudesReading really says it all.
Someone, as creepy as it sounds, is prowling the streets and train system to snap sneaky pics of 'dudes' reading books. That's pretty much it.

If the thought of cute males appearing on your Instagram feed doesn't fully entice you yet, then maybe the witty captions appearing underneath each photo could bring you over to the dark side. The hilarious voice speaking through the captions will have you in stitches, and makes looking at sneaky pictures of men reading books all the more worthwhile.

Here are a couple of pics to give you a taste:
Credit of course goes to @HOTDUDESREADING and the men themselves - thank you for lending us your face for these sorts of purposes

"Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. Probably to sculpture class. I'm sure he's reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after. #marryme #hotdudesreading"

"Judging by the way this heartbreaker's licking his lips, he must be reading something steamy. I'm going to pretend it's a cookbook and he's planning a romantic meal. But with a face like that, who cares? He could heat up yesterday's leftovers and I'd still be into it. #notsosloppyseconds #hotdudesreading#HDRfangram"

"I'm seeing blue and black, but I'd wear white and gold down the aisle for this hedge fund hottie. At this rate, the 6 may never come but that's fine; he's got a lot of pages left and I've got a whole wedding to plan. #sayyestothedress #hotdudesreading"

Now if that seriously hasn't convinced you to chuck it a follow - first things first:
WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? (okay, a bit harsh, but you get what I mean)/

But, to sweeten the deal, why don't I tell you about #HOTDUDESREADINGFORACAUSE

@HotDudesReading have paired up with FirstBook.Org to provide books for American children in need! $5 = two books in the hands of a future Hot Dude or Dudette!
Unfortunately there isn't much I can do, since I'm not from America - however if you live in the USA, then donate if you can, or at least snap a picture of a hot dude reading from your hometown, and use the hashtag #HotDudesReadingForACause on Instagram. So many young kids, not just in America but worldwide are unable to fall in love with reading, like so many of us are. If I could, I would give everyone the opportunity to read books like I have been given, therefore if you can, please click the link above and help out this worthy organisation.

(Heads Up: I'm not affiliated with the organisation in anyway, I'm just in love with @HotDudesReading and think it is a worthy cause I am passionate about).


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  1. Omgsh, I love this. Hahaha!! I'm totally following this on Instagram right now! Thank you for the eye candy! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog



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