My Birthday Weekend


Hey Everyone!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to meeeeeee, happy birthday to me! 

Yes that's right guys! I'm officially 15!! Ok so maybe I've been 15 since the 6th December, but I haven't really had that much time to make a blog post, because I have been celebrating this weekend.

What have I done, you ask? 

Since school has (finally) finished for the year, the first thing we did was on my actual birthday! My family and I went to this FABULOUS cafe called Three Bags Full and had some amazing meals!!! 

Eggs in Hell
Iced Coffee
We tried a couple of different meals, but one really great dish was the Veggie Breakfast, which consisted of two poached eggs, spinach, tomato, avocado mash and relish! So delicious, as it was also paired with an iced coffee!! 

After this, we heads out and I went shopping for some clothing, before rushing home and getting ready for my birthday dinner with the rest of my family! 


This was the day where I caught up with some of my closest friends! I wasn't able to see them on my birthday, because I was spending time with my family, so my gorgeous besties planned a surprise lunch (even though they made it very obvious, and did give it away haha!) 

Another post from Instagram

They even made me a cake!

Now here is one of the most exciting aspects of a birthday – the presents! What did I get?

From my family:
This lovely like green vintage-style bike from Reid Cycles! I have had my eyes on this for ages, I am so grateful that my parents were willing to buy this for me! 

I also got these stunning 'boyfriend jeans' from my grandparents & a cute dress from my brother! 

From my friends:

As you saw in one of the pictures, I got a Polaroid camera! I have honestly wanted one of these since I was little, so some of my friends got together and bought it for me!! 

I was also lucky enough to get assorted teas from the ever-fabulous T2, as well as a gorgeous scented candle.

Last but not least, I got a book. But, not just any book....I got IT BY ALEXA CHUNG!!! Expect a 'What's New On My Bookshelf' blog post very very soon! 

So basically, that's my birthday in one post! It was such a great weekend, but unfortunately, I have to wait 12 months before I can do it all over again! Next year, it will be my SWEET SIXTEENTH - I wonder what is in store for me then


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